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Our fully-funded Adult Education Budget courses will help you develop the skills and expertise needed to find work – and do well in your new role.

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Aged 19+, unemployed and not in education or training - or employed and want to boost your skills and qualifications. 


Living in Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Bromley, Enfield, Greenwich, Havering, Newham, Redbridge or Waltham Forest. 

Our courses

Boost your employability skills, gain sector-specific expertise and learn transferable skills to help you at work and beyond with our easy-to-access courses.

Many of our courses are classroom-based, whilst others offer blended learning – a mixture of in-person and online training.

All you need to join is proof of address and evidence to live and work in the UK, as well as internet access if your course features online sessions.

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 

    If English is not your first language, our face-to-face course will develop your understanding and use of English, providing you with crucial communication skills.

    Learn how to speak, listen, read and write in English – essential employability skills that will help you find work and improve your confidence in day-to-day interactions.

    C&G Entry Levels 1-3 available.

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Group size: 15

  • Functional Skills English

    Strengthen your understanding of written and spoken English – and gain transferable skills that will help you at work and in your daily life.

    Learn how to engage in discussion and communicate effectively by improving your ability to speak, listen, read and write in English. These skills will enhance your ability to write a CV and do well in job interviews – and will boost your confidence in day-to-day interactions.

    C&G Entry Level 3 and Levels 1-2 available.

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Group size: 10-15

  • Functional Skills Maths

    Improve your knowledge of maths with an overview of basic mathematical concepts and how they can help you in real world situations.

    Our course will give you a foundation for progression into work – and boost your other skills, like problem solving, time management and making financial decisions.

    C&G Entry Level 3 and Levels 1-2 available.

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Group size: 10-15

  • Digital Skills 

    Digital skills are vital when looking for work – and are also a key part of our personal lives.

    Our course will boost your digital proficiency at every stage of your job search, from creating a CV to applying for roles. You will also gain transferable skills that will help you at work and at home, such as keeping personal data safe and how to communicate online.

    NCFE Entry Level 3 and Levels 1-3 available.

    Duration: 8 days (Entry Level 3), 10 days (Levels 1-2) or 5 weeks (Level 3)

    Group size: 10-15

  • Customer Service 

    Gain the skills and expertise to thrive in customer-facing roles – preparing you for a career in industries like retail or hospitality.

    Learn how to prioritise tasks, adapt to changing environments and handle customer enquiries in a way that is personal and professional. We will even help you tailor your CV so you are ready to apply for a role – and you will gain a qualification that will set you apart from others.

    C&G Level 1 available.

    Duration: 3 weeks

    Group size: 12

  • Business Administration

    Get ready for an administrative role with a qualification that prepares you for work in this fast-paced industry.

    You will gain a variety of practical skills that are crucial for the workplace, such as managing information and supporting events. You will also get an overview of the different job roles available within this versatile sector.

    C&G Level 1 and TQUK Level 2 available.

    Duration: 3 weeks (Level 1) or 8 weeks (Level 2)

    Group size: 12-15

  • Hospitality 

    Strengthen your skills ready for a role in this busy industry – and learn about the different types of job roles available.

    From front of house staff to working in a kitchen, you will learn about prioritisation, time-management and communication skills, as well as how to work effectively within a team.

    C&G Level 1 available.

    Duration: 2 weeks

    Group size: 15

  • Health and Social Care

    Develop the skills required for employment or career progression in the health and social care sector with our invaluable course.

    You will learn about safeguarding, duty of care and health and safety – and gain vital interpersonal skills to help you build relationships with patients and colleagues.

    C&G Level 1 and TQUK Levels 2-3 available.

    Duration: 5 days (Level 1), 8 weeks (Level 2) or 12 weeks (Level 3)

    Group size: 15

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